Severe Colic – Daisy 4 weeks old

Daisy’s mother writes

“My daughter had a very difficult start in life as at 9 days old she was diagnosed with viral meningitis. Soon after her illness she developed severe colic that lasted for several hours each day. A friend recommended Pat and CST to me. She had taken her child for treatment for another condition and had positive results, so we thought we would give it a try.

The results were amazing. Progress was made from the first treatment. My daughter still had colic but the episodes were shorter and less intense. She started to become more settled.

During the treatment the atmosphere was very relaxed and Daisy was calm and afterwards she always slept well. Over 3 months Daisy had a handful of treatments and by the end the colic had just about disappeared.

We found the whole experience of CST very positive and would definitely recommend this treatment. Pat was very empathetic and understood Daisy’s needs; we have been very happy with the results achieved. Thank you.


Glue Ear – Freddie aged 6 years

Freddie’s mother writes:

“I am writing to let you know that last week Freddie was discharged from the ENT department of Queen’s Medical Centre.

The glue ear is gone and his hearing is back to normal!

This is to say a big thank you for the huge part you played in his recovery with Bowen therapy.

Freddie used to look forward to his visits, you made them enjoyable and comfortable for him. You provided a wonderful level of care for him that has proved extremely effective.”



Back & Leg pain female 45years

Mrs. V came to see me suffering from long term back and leg pain. It stemmed from her job which had involved years of heavy lifting. On examination her thigh and calf were very sore and she had a continual deep ache in her back. She had been diagnosed by her GP with sciatica.

“Self medication and rest for a number of weeks did nothing to relieve the pain that I had in my lower back and leg. My daughter suggested I tried some Bowen Therapy. After three sessions with Pat, I am pain free, sleeping like a baby, something that I haven’t done for a long time and I seem to have so much more energy. I am more than delighted with the result and I recommend Bowen therapy and Pat to anyone with a problem. You can only speak as you find and I found it worked for me.”


Chronic back, neck & shoulder pain – female aged 50 years

Mrs. S a receptionist  came to see me with chronic back, neck and shoulder pain. This had developed over the years from the effects of a severe road traffic accident.  After only a few treatments the pain began to ease.  I have been treating Mrs. S on a regular basis to also help a long term frozen shoulder, and the effects of operations for cancer of the kidney and breast.

“At the age of eighteen I spent two months on my back following a road traffic accident. Over the years I visited many specialists and physiotherapists only to be told that I had too many problems for them to be able to improve by surgery. I was referred to the Pain Clinic for electric acupuncture and wore a TENS machine, but nothing helped. Then I found Pat Hughes and the Bowen Technique and thankfully she has transformed my life. I have required four operations including two for cancer and had been left feeling unable to walk or drive any great distance and housework created many problems. Pat has worked tirelessly to relieve my back pain, has cured my frozen shoulder after seven years, is treating my wrist for Carpel Tunnel and my throat which had gone into total spasm. If it weren’t for this treatment my life would be very different and I wouldn’t be looking forward to the 3 mile walk by the river this afternoon. I have much to thank Pat for.”

Female aged 60 Neck Pain

“Dear Pat, Just to let you know that after the third Bowen treatment for my neck, all the pain just disappeared. Which is short of miraculous, because prior to this  I was in a lot of pain and was beginning to think that I had broken of fractured a bone. So thank you very much indeed, you have brought about healing once more.  I feel good at the moment, no one knows what is around the corner, but I know if I have an injury I will be in touch.”


Female aged 64 Parkinsons disease

Mrs.P has a very positive outlook on life which has helped her deal with the onset of Parkinson’s. Treatment has involved concentrating on the areas of pain and stiffness in her body.

“I was diagnosed with Parkinsons 2 years before seeing Pat. I began to notice increasing stiffness in my body and a  tremor, especially in my right arm and hand.
Sleep was poo,r I felt tired all the time, and had  many aches and pain all over my body. I immediately felt a change after only one treatment. I had more energy, my sleep improved and an embarrassing problem with salivating eased.

As I had a problem dressing myself due to stiffness and pain in my neck I decided to try more treatments. Pat concentrated on these areas and I now have much more movement in my right arm and no problems dressing.

I remain very positive and optimistic about my illness and have every confidence that the Bowen technique and Pat will continue to help me to  maintain a healthy lifestyle and some control over the Parkinsons disease.”

Female aged 46 years breast cancer

Mrs F , a hypnotherapist, took responsibility for her own healing. This case is an example of how Craniosacral therapy can help to resolve not only current symptoms but also old injuries and shock deeply buried in the body’s tissues.

“Following a diagnosis of breast cancer and a mastectomy I was advised that although the cancer had not spread to my lymph glands I needed 6 sessions of chemotherapy followed by 3 weekly injections of herceptin for one year to prevent the cancer from returning.

After much reading and research I decided that in my case the possible side effects far outweighed the possible benefits of the recommended treatment and decided to heal myself naturally from within, using diet and Hypnotherapy.  After reading many books on healing I decided to try Craniosacral Therapy as I strongly felt that my energy was blocked and that the blockage was preventing my healing.

During my sessions with Pat I experienced many different sensations and was aware that there was quite a lot of releasing happening, which was mainly related to a car accident that had occurred over 20 years ago and to other traumas and injuries that had occurred over the years.  Pat was very reassuring and informative about what was happening and I felt very calm and safe in her hands.  Following the sessions I had quite a few memory flashbacks which were to do with issues and emotions from the past which obviously had not been dealt with at the time and had somehow been stored away in the deep tissues. I have had a few sessions with Pat now and it certainly feels as though all the layers of past injuries and traumas are peeling away and being released. Energy is now moving more freely and I feel that my body is healing itself.
I would highly recommend Pat Hughes and Craniosacral Therapy to everyone.”

Female aged 36 – IBS & Stress

Ms. B saw me initially with IBS symptoms that she felt had developed in response to a year of extreme emotional stress. My first task was to help to balance her emotionally and then we could begin to tackle the symptoms.

“When I first went to see Pat I was at a very low point of my life. Someone had recommended Craniosacral therapy and to be honest I had never heard of it before but was willing to give it a go.

I had spent some time attending Dr/hospital appointments and my first memory of meeting Pat was such a different experience. For the first time I was been seen as a “ whole person” not just a collection of symptoms. She took my full physical, medical and emotional history I had been suffering from recurrent bouts of gastritis, constant left sided pain from my throat down to my bowel, irritable bowel, chest pain, weight loss, acid reflux and a poor appetite. I was also suffering/grieving from the shock of 3 close bereavements in the space of 2 years. I was very emotional, anxious about myself and not sleeping well.
I found Craniosacral Therapy very relaxing and the treatments gradually began to release some of my symptoms. It allowed me some “Me time” and the opportunity to focus on healing myself as well. It was a very positive and nurturing experience.

Pat gave me a very clear explanation throughout the therapy sessions of why I was probably experiencing some of the reactions to the therapy. I also appreciated the time to talk and work through my problems as the treatment was taking place.

The months progressed and we moved on to Bowen Therapy. This treatment gave a more imminent response and allowed quicker healing. It felt strange at first because Pat started to keep going out the room in between treatments.

I found relief from symptoms happened a lot quicker and was quite amazed at times from this. On one occasion I had a flare up of very bad chest pain which was so bad I thought there was something seriously wrong, but within a few days after the Bowen treatment it had virtually resolved.

It has been almost a year now and my physical and emotional state has improved so much. Just writing this now makes me look back and realise how much better I am now feeling. Not only that, as Pat said to me “It is now allowing me to cope with things much better because I am feeling so much stronger.
I have no doubt that the interventions of Craniosacral and Bowen therapies have helped me enormously along with the skills and personal qualities of the therapist Pat. You need to feel comfortable and at ease to talk, and Pat is very understanding, comforting and perceptive in her approach.

Back And Neck pain- work related

Christine Halfpenny from Nottinghamshire aged 53, is a chiropodist. She was suffering from back and neck pain due to her working position and having to carry a heavy box for equipment. After easing her pain Christine now comes for regular maintenance sessions.

She comments: “Everyone says how much straighter I look now so that’s lovely. I go for Bowen every couple of months and there is a total difference.
I was aching all the time and conscious of it all the time. I used to have a bump on my back and when my daughter gave me a hug she said it had gone! My husband noticed  how much better my posture was as well.”

Back pain – Sport Injuries

Jim Collinson, 58, from Gamston, Notts. has been receiving Bowen treatment for five years. He initially came for back pain and was treated later for an ankle injury. Jim has maintenance treatment every three to six months.

He said “My back pain was something that developed initially through playing sport, particularly golf. I had physiotherapy which was partially successful, but then heard about the Natural Health Centre and Bowen Therapy.

It has certainly worked better for me than normal physiotherapy.. Since then I have continued  with Bowen because it is relaxing and it works.  It is always worth trying something and it feels totally different to any other treatment I have had before. I would definitely recommend it.

Asthma & severe chest problems

Mrs. P aged 70 has had asthma all her life. Over the years she also suffered complications and has to rely heavily on steroid inhalers.   I have been treating her, with Bowen, for several years now as her condition has been with her since childhood. Regular sessions can ease symptoms and help the body to cope with chronic conditions.

“ After having Bowen treatment I always feel relaxed I sleep very soundly. I have been sleeping lying flat instead of the usual sitting up half the night. I now wake up without any pain in my bones, previously it had been taking me an hour before I was fully mobile. Breathing at night is good and also during the day. I now feel fantastic, still sleeping very deeply – what a joy!”

Neck, Shoulder & Arm Pain

Mrs.G responded quickly to Bowen treatment. Here she found a solution to the agonising pain she was suffering.

“As the bus approached my stop, I got up from my seat but then the bus jerked forward and I felt the most excruciating pain down my neck, across my shoulder and down into my arm. That agonising pain stayed with me day and night for the next months. I eventually saw a spinal surgeon, had an MRI scan, swallowed hundreds of pain killers all to no effect. I could not concentrate on anything for long, because the pain always came through. My life was a real misery. I could not sleep at night or get comfortable in bed. Mt body and head were suffering under the ever stronger drugs my GP prescribed for me. Finally I was offered spinal surgery which would attempt(!) to ease the pain. The thought of it was unbearable.

Then a friend suggested Bowen Therapy. I read a little booklet on it and went for my first treatment. After that I felt a bit better and there was some definite relief. I slept that night for the first time in nearly a year. After the third treatment I felt I had been given my life and personality back again. I felt wonderful. It was just great to be pain free again, to be able to walk, carry on with my life where I had been almost a year before.

Friends ask me about it. I can only say I don’t really understand how it works, but it works for me. Now I only come for “top up“ treatments and that awful pain is becoming more of a memory. I am so grateful to Thomas Bowen and all the wonderful people who carry on his work. Thank you Pat.”