The Perrin Technique

Pat Hughes – Perrin treatments in Nottingham

For M.E. Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia

A relaxing treatment, that aims to detox and rebalance your body

perrinThe Perrin Technique has been developed by an osteopath, Dr. Raymond Perrin, since 1989. It is a manual system of diagnosis and treatment that has proved effective in helping people with ME/CFS.

The Perrin Technique is based on award winning research and has been tested in two separate clinical trials. The first examined the change in symptoms following a year of treatment. The second repeated the first study and used MRI scanning in order to examine further the possible mechanisms of improvement. The technique has a high success rate, with improvements in over 80% of people with CFS.

Perrin’s research provides strong evidence that CFS/ME  involves a disturbance of the drainage of toxins from the brain and muscles. These poisons often enter the body as viruses, bacteria, parasites etc, or as environmental toxins.  Some toxins are also a product of an over stressed immune system, caused by constant physical and emotional stress.

In CFS/ME the drainage system for the toxins is compromised, leading to an excess of toxins in the brain and spinal cord – the central nervous system.  With the central nervous system congested many of the different symptoms complained of by CFS/ME patients can readily occur.

The Treatment

The treatment aims to manually stimulate the drainage of the offending toxins from the central nervous system. This is achieved by gentle stroking movements at specific areas of the upper body, combined with gentle manual  treatment to the cranium and spine. Together with relaxation of the surrounding muscles, the Perrin Technique eventually improves the health and function of the body as a whole.

A personal programme is tailored to suit you. An information pack, taking a detailed medical history, and a diagnosis are given to you at the consultation. This includes an examination of the spine, abdomen, head and the lymphatics of the thorax, which includes breast tissue. (A chaperone should attend the initial consultation. The first treatment includes teaching self massage exercises for use at home.

Pat Hughes has been personally trained by Dr. Perrin and is the only licensed practitioner offering The Perrin Technique in Nottingham. She has won a Gold Award for excellence in practice from Dr. Perrin.

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