Practitioner information

Patricia Hughes is an experienced practitioner working in clinics in Nottingham

After having a back problem and experiencing headaches, neck and shoulder pain I tried a variety of  treatments both conventional & complementary and finally a course of Craniosacral work. My condition greatly improved from this and I was impressed with the gentleness of the therapy and the deep sense of relaxation I experienced. I decided to train in Craniosacral Therapy and completed the course in 1996.  Around the same time I heard of a new and exciting therapy, the Bowen Technique from Australia. After seeing a Bowen practitioner release a patient’s frozen shoulder in one treatment I was intrigued to learn and understand this therapy. I completed my basic training in Bowen Technique  in 1997 and advanced training two years later.

With both therapies I continue to study post graduate courses annually. These include working with Babies & Children, Shock & Trauma, Back Pain, The TMJ and jaw problems, Mind Body relationships and more. My approach is to develop a personal treatment plan with each client and regularly review progress. I refer people to other practitioners if appropriate and work in cooperation with the medical profession.

In 2012 I trained in The Perrin Technique. Having worked with M.E. / CFS and Fibromyalgia people over the years, I was impressed by Perrin’s research based approach. I attend annual conferences and keep up to date with the latest research . I am the only registered Perrin practitioner in Nottingham.

Prior to becoming a therapist my background was in teaching, social work and the arts. I initially trained in massage, aromatherapy and counselling in the early 1990’s before specialising in CST & Bowen therapies.”


Registered Craniosacral Therapist (RCST) 1996 & member of the Craniosacral Association.

Registered Perrin Technique practitioner (PTn)

Fully qualified Bowen Therapist, 1997 & member of the Bowen Association UK (MBTA), and member of the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia(MBTAA)


Over the years I have gained an understanding and experience in treating a wide variety of conditions.
One of my particular interests is working with babies and children who respond well to the gentle and non invasive approach of both therapies.
I also treat many people with shock, past and present, head injuries, post operative problems, acute and chronic pain, headaches, migraines, TMJ problems, and respiratory difficulties.
Other experience is with back pain, frozen shoulder, structural and postural problems, chronic conditions, including a wide range of disabilities both adults and children, digestive and menstrual disorders.

Currently working at:

The Bay Centre, West Bridgford, Nottingham
Magnolia Therapy Centre, Nottingham.

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