Bowen Technique FAQs

Bowen in Nottingham

What Can I expect During a Treatment Session?

A complete Bowen treatment lasts up to 45 minutes. If possible you should wear light, comfortable clothing. Treatment takes place lying on a couch, but people can also be treated sitting if necessary. A comprehensive health history is taken during the first visit, followed by a full treatment, this process lasts an hour. Subsequent treatments last 45 minutes. As a rule only a small number of treatments are needed to bring about a strong bodily response that initiates healing, even from long standing problems.

Bowen Technique is well known for easing pain, especially back, neck and shoulder pain. It can help muscle spasm, help the body to detoxify and stimulate a process of skeletal realignment. The whole experience is very relaxing and changes can be seen sometimes in one or two sessions.

After a treatment with Bowen Therapy people often report a profound sense of well being. This may express itself as:

  • Having more energy
  • Being more productive at work
  • Long term relief from troubling symptoms
  • Sleeping easier and more soundly
  • Being more relaxed

Can Bowen Help Me?

Yes, Bowen is safe to use for all ages, from babies to elderly people. Because it is so gentle, it can be helpful for both acute and chronic conditions. Treatment can be through light clothing, seated or lying on a couch.

An increasing number of conditions that respond well to treatment include:

Neck & Back Pain
Frozen Shoulder
RSI and Tennis Elbow, Carpal Tunnel
Knee and feet problems
Respiratory conditions, asthma, hayfever,
Migraine & headaches
Stress and insomnia
Menstrual problems
Chronic Fatigue
Digestive disorders