Babies and Children

Craniosacral treatments for pregnant women & babies in Nottingham


Few births are ‘easy’ for either mother or child.  At the first stage, (from the beginning of true labour to the full dilation of the cervix) the baby’s head can be repetitively compressed by the pelvic bones and by the cervix ( as labour often begins without enough cervical dilation) leading to physical and psychological stresses.

At the second stage (from full dilation of the cervix to birth) the baby enters the birth canal where it has to undergo a series of twists and turns before birth. This process helps to mould the baby’s head, but if the passage is too quick the baby experiences shock, or if it is too slow and gets stuck, the head and body undergo compression and stress.


If interventions such as Forceps and Ventouse are needed, particular problems may occur. With forceps, often some degree of compression and bruising of the soft boned head may take place. Ventouse often causes a traction distortion of the head, which can stretch the cranium and affect the neck.

Caesarean delivery, can be a very sudden birth for the baby and cause a high degree of shock. The head also never experiences the natural moulding process of the birth canal.


Babies are extremely resilient and respond well to Craniosacral treatment. A difficult birth may cause restriction and tensions that affect the cranial nerves and the flow of the body’s subtle internal fluid. This fluid, at the core of the craniosacral system, nourishes the brain, the nervous system, and all the structures of the body. By gently holding the head and the spine the therapist can track the motion of the fluid and sense any congestion and tensions. The light touch stimulates the fluid to flow more freely helping the baby’s body to rebalance and restore calmness to the system. Craniosacral therapy can be very helpful in treating colic, wind & digestive disturbances as well as easing any symptoms from the birth experience.

It can be extremely helpful in aiding the body’s healing processes to recover from the birth. Symptoms are usually resolved, on average, by 3 – 4 treatments. This can take longer for more complex and severe conditions.

Women can benefit enormously form Craniosacral treatment during pregnancy. It had a calming, soothing effect on the body and mind, and babies love it!