Craniosacral Therapy

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What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral  Therapy is an extremely gentle and relaxing body based treatment. It was developed from the findings by an osteopath, Dr. Sutherland, over 100 years ago. No manipulation of the spine or head is used, the treatment is not invasive and it is so gentle that it is safe and suitable for all ages, including babies and elderly persons.

Craniosacral Therapy  is a profound treatment that aims to restore health and well being to the patient. It is a partnership with the practitioner and patient each equally involved in the healing process. Craniosacral Therapy  has the capacity to discover the causes of illness and through the gentle and loving approach of the practitioner to ease any shock and help the individual to feel a deeper connection to themselves.

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Focus of Craniosacral Therapy

The focus of Craniosacral therapy is on the health that exists at the core of the body. It may be masked or depleted by symptoms of illness, but given resources the inherent health will grow and strengthen. This health, which is known in some traditions as life force, or chi, and in craniosacral terminology, as the Breath of Life, is carried around the body by the rhythmic motion of the fluids. Most notably, cerebrospinal fluid; this fluid is carried around the brain and the spinal cord. The fluids pulsate through all the structures of the body, all the nerves are bathed in them, the brain is nourished by them and the quality of the fluids, their potency and vitality are crucial to good health.

How does Craniosacral Therapy work?
As a result of life’s stresses and strains, shock or injury, (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) the body’s tissues will contract. If the shock is severe or accompanied by strong emotion, the tissues stay contracted. These restrictions in the tissues may give rise to problems over the years. The effects may be physical (such as back pain, migraine, digestive problems) and emotional (such as anxiety or depression.) Restriction’s in the body’s functioning show up in the way the rhythmic motion of the fluids are expressed. Craniosacral therapy helps the body to let go of these restrictions and return to an easier way of functioning. This frees the energy which the body was previously using to hold itself in contraction. One of the benefits of treatment can be an increase in the level of energy available. The resulting changes can bring greater ease on a mental or emotional level as well as to the body.

Craniosacral treament helps the body to heal from deep within, it allows one to gently let go and rest at a profound level. From this place of stillness, and peace, the body’s own healing resources can grow with more potency and vitality, enabling the restoration of a natural state of good health.